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The ESC volunteering experience in Bulgaria has begun!

Another volunteering experience has begun! This time a young Sardinian left for an ESC project in Bulgaria🇧🇬.

✅Let’s hear what Eugenio tells us at the beginning of his journey:
“Bulgaria enthusiastically welcomed my commitment as a volunteer at the Active Bulgarian Society. This experience is a real immersion in the daily life of the hosting country, which allowed me to contribute significantly and discover the heart of this community.
My journey began with my arrival in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, from where I traveled by bus to Blagoevgrad, my final destination. Warmly welcomed by Victor, a volunteer from the Active Bulgarian Society, I immediately felt the hospitality. After an interesting orientation session, I had the chance to explore the city.
The following days were dedicated to volunteering. Working with the Active Bulgarian Society team, I participated in educational and cultural projects. The variety of activities enriched my experience, allowing me to interact with people of different ages and social backgrounds.
In the final days of my first week in Bulgaria, I took some time to reflect on my experiences. I shared thoughts and feedback with the Active Bulgarian Society team, contributing to the continuous improvement of volunteering activities.
Furthermore, I have been exploring opportunities for future involvement, eager to continue contributing to the progress of the Bulgarian community. In the end, I can say that my first week in Bulgaria as a volunteer for the Active Bulgarian Society was an intense and rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the city and the fabulous international team I work with while contributing to meaningful initiatives. This first week consolidated my commitment to volunteering and left an indelible mark of gratitude towards a community that opened its doors to me with generosity and affection. I can’t wait to continue this adventure and leave a positive mark in wonderful Bulgaria.

🌞Eugenio will stay in Bulgaria for 7 months. We wish him a good stay and many beautiful moments to share!

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