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An intercultural week in Cyprus

Six young Sardinians aged 18 to 30 from Escalaplano, Monastir, Orgosolo, San Nicolò Gerrei, and Villasalto went to Cyprus in the first week of June for the youth exchange “Career in Action”. The project aimed to provide the young participants with the tools for active job searching, and developing their personal, social, and learning skills.

An enriching international experience, which they tell us about as follows.

Claudia: “If I had to describe this experience in one word, I would say it was intense. The project was about youth unemployment: we did many activities, games, and debates, and had the chance to discuss the characteristic problems of each of the participating countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Greece, and Cyprus. We all communicated in English, but there were also moments of exchange and interaction. It was fun to learn new words or expressions in previously unknown languages and to discover that an Italian word can have many different meanings in other languages. I left with no expectations, having had a previous experience that was completely different from this one. What I can say in conclusion is that every experience leaves you with something, tests you, helps you grow, and strengthens you. I would recommend anyone to have an experience like this. Sometimes just applying can be scary, but it’s when you step out of your comfort zone that the best starts. I would also like to thank Iulita from the Malik association for supporting us in the final part of the trip, during the sudden cancellation of the flight and more, she was fundamental.”

Martina: “In these days we have had the opportunity to talk about problems related to work, youth unemployment, and how to present ourselves in the job market through interviews, CV creation, and games. We had the chance to explore the town of Pedoulas through a treasure hunt where we had to find cats, a church, and ask the inhabitants about the history of the town. The intercultural evenings were useful to get to know the various nationalities better and to let others know a bit about us and Sardinia. It was nice to eat, dance, and sing all together. I had the opportunity to improve my English and meet beautiful new people, and even though it was only a week, everything was very intense.”

Lorenzo: “This week in Pedoulas was my first experience of cultural exchange abroad. I had the chance to improve and use my English, to use my CV, and to better understand how to behave in a job interview. I discovered the severity of unemployment in other parts of Europe through my fellow travelers. The part I preferred was the cultural evenings, where I got to know new dishes, music, dances, and traditions. I believe that it was thanks to the nights spent together that we bonded as a group and got to know each other better. It was a truly intense week and one that I will have a beautiful memory of.”

Federico: “This week in Pedoulas was very beautiful. We discussed youth unemployment and strategies to enter the job market through practical activities. A treasure hunt allowed us to explore the town and learn its history. The intercultural evenings strengthened our bonds, making us discover new cultures through food, music, and traditions. I improved my English and made new friends. Even though it was short, the experience was intense and memorable.”

Sara: “I had the opportunity to participate in the “Career in Action” project held in Cyprus from June 3 to 9, 2024. Our destination was Pedoulas, a small village in the Greek part of Cyprus. I can say that it was one of the most exciting and positive experiences, which allowed each of us to enrich our cultural heritage since the nations participating in the project were Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Romania, and Cyprus. The common language of the project was English, and this also helped improve our ability to relate and express ourselves. The theme discussed during the project was youth unemployment; we had the opportunity to compare this topic within a multicultural environment and learn about the different situations in other European countries. It was an experience of strong collaboration and great interest. They allowed us to visit the historical parts of the town through group activities. They made us create a CV, focusing more on our so-called “soft skills.” It was an experience that allowed us to expand our heritage by sharing our interests and passions.”

Nicolas: “During my participation in the project in Cyprus, in the small community of Pedoulas, I had the chance to learn about problems similar to those in my region. I had the opportunity to interact with young people from different countries where we discussed youth unemployment problems and possible solutions to tackle the issue, to get to know and improve small communities through the discovery of the territory. During the intercultural evenings, I got to know different cultural dishes and the typical and traditional dances of each participating country. Participating in the project helped me develop further skills in participation; it is important to challenge oneself and participate in these projects, not only for cultural enrichment but also for personal interaction and understanding.”

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