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A training course in Slovenia!

At the end of March, two youth workers from the Bim Taloro area participated in the international training course “Creative leadership in youth work” in Slovenia, financed by the Erasmus Plus programme, focused on the development of leadership skills.

During this week, in addition to the interactive and training activities, the girls had the opportunity to interact with people of different nationalities and exchange their experiences in working with young people, as well as learning many new things!

Let’s leave the words to the girls:
🙋Giulia “Traveling is always a great experience, in particular on this trip I was able to meet many people and stay in close contact with them, knowing their visions of the world. The course really gave me many useful tools to deal with everyday work bringing freshness and new knowledge. Even if sometimes we feel small, we can do a lot. We all certainly had different motivations for being there, but as we compared ourselves, I understood more and more that we had a lot in common. Everyone contributed to giving what was beautiful had created a very powerful energy 🌟✨❤️! Thanks to the trainers who managed to channel it 🥹”

💁 Stefania”Thanks to the circle of welcome and sharing, despite the difficulties with English, I felt at home. Many practical and informal activities, music, yoga, many useful notions for my work in the library and also for everyday life. I return home richer and I recommend an experience of this type to everyone. Leave, explore and come back to bring fresh air and new stimuli. Thank you very much for the opportunity ❤️”

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