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A recent experience of the European Solidarity Corps program has just concluded, thanks to which 3 young people from Sardinia were able to volunteer for 20 days in the city of Ioannina in Greece.

Our young people were able to organize entertainment activities for migrant youth aged between 14 to 20, together with other European volunteers from Spain, Turkey, and Georgia, on themes such as Sports, Art, Marketing, and the Environment.

Let’s hear their testimonies!

Rita: “The experience in Ioannina was my first volunteer project. The first few days I had a lot of trouble with English, but everyone, volunteers and coordinators alike, was completely available to help me. The refugee kids were really nice, friendly, and very sociable. In just a few days, I learned a lot from both them and the participants. I was glad to step out of my comfort zone and get to know realities different from my own. I formed bonds with fantastic people who helped and encouraged me in various situations, and I really hope to meet them again. It was a truly emotional experience, with many emotions I never expected to feel simultaneously. It motivated me to improve my communication skills to connect with people of various nationalities. Moreover, the staff and coordinators were really kind and helpful. I hope to have the chance to have more experiences like this.”

Massimiliano: “In this experience, I was able to improve my English, as it was the common language there. When I left, I thought I would have difficulties, but instead, I managed quite well. Of Greek, I only learned the most used phrases such as: Kalimera (good morning), efharistó (thank you), yasou (hello). Thanks to the intercultural evenings, I got to learn more about different cultures. What did I learn from this experience? Well, first of all, it was my first time in a foreign country and with people from other nations, even my first time on a plane! Besides learning how to organize myself for a trip, I learned to better relate to people from different cultures. I think I returned back home more confident. I wanted to try something new and meet new people, and in the end, I succeeded. With some, I formed a great relationship and am still in touch. Regarding time organization, on Saturdays and Sundays we were free and could organize ourselves to visit other places. For example, I went with a couple of girls and a tutor to visit the monasteries of Meteora. On weekends, we also organized intercultural evenings, where each group presented their nation, culture, and food. Along with us, other volunteers stayed in the same hotel, part of another organization, and participated with us in these activities.”

Luisa: “During May, I had the opportunity to participate in a fantastic volunteer project in Ioannina, Greece. For three weeks, together with 12 other wonderful volunteers, we organized afternoon activities for a reception center for underage refugees. Our activities included painting, gardening, soccer tournaments, and team-building games. It was an incredible experience, even though it wasn’t easy at first. I learned so much and formed friendships that will last a lifetime. The hardest part? Saying goodbye to all these wonderful friends and the kids we worked with. A huge thank you goes to the Malik association for making all this possible, proposing such important projects.”

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