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ONE WEEK IN SPAIN for an Erasmus Plus training course

In early October, the training course “Shuttle to employment: digital and life skills” financed by the Erasmus Plus program took place in Murcia, Spain, organized by the EUROACCION association.

Three youth workers from the Bim Taloro Consortium and the Municipality of Monastir, due to the help and support of Sportello in Spalla (MALIK ETS), had the possibility to participate in this amazing project where they got in touch with their peers from Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, and Estonia on the most effective methodologies to help young people develop their skills entrepreneurial and active job search.

As always we have collected their testimonies!

Francesca “The experience in Spain in which I had the opportunity to participate with the help of Malik association in collaboration with Euroacción Murcia was very interesting and educational.
I had the opportunity to discuss various topics in an international context with young people from Estonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Croatia. The opportunity to carry out non-formal training activities relating to topics such as communication, empathy, and motivation was very stimulating for me. It allowed me to get involved directly and gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts and compare them with those of others during interesting group activities. It was nice to work as a team, this allowed me to understand how important collaboration is in training and work contexts and how each participant’s point of view is an asset for the realization of a larger project.”

Enrico “I think the experience we had in Spain was really important for improving my cultural background. We learned many things that will be useful for me in the future and, very importantly, we learned to recognize our goals and understand how we can achieve them. Having this type of experience, with other young people from other countries, is very important both because thanks to what is told you can discover many new things and learn a lot, and because, from the point of view of the English language, it is a good method to learn it better. I recommend everyone to have an experience like this at least once in their life because you can meet wonderful people and you can learn many things that are completely unknown to us.”

Sara “The experience in Spain was extremely educational, interesting, and funny. Thanks to the non-formal teaching methods we learned useful and exploitable skills in our personal and above all professional life. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to compare ourselves with people from many countries and it was stimulating to listen to their experiences, and their reflections and create opportunities for exchange. I met beautiful and interesting people who I hope to meet again soon around the world.”

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