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Destination Spain: Sportello in Spalla doesn’t stop even in August!

The “Green Albacete” youth exchange, which took place from 21 to 30 August in the Spanish city of Albacete, was a great training opportunity for 10 young Sardinians coming from the Municipalities of the Bim Taloro Consortium and the Municipality of Monastir.

There were many activities and guided tours, on the topic of ecology and eco-sustainability. The main means of transport chosen to discover the city was – bicycles. The young people visited the municipal youth center and the local Eurodesk point, the air quality measurement station and city water monitoring centers, the botanical garden and the knife museum, the eco-park, and the shared urban gardens of Albacete.

They also had the opportunity to take part in workshops with their Spanish and Greek peers, informally acquiring skills on the European Union, its functioning and its member states, on international mobility opportunities, and on the organization of youth exchanges.

All the skills acquired by our young participants are going to be contained in the certificate named The Youthpass, which will allow them to enrich their CV and obtain training credits in their study paths.

It was a beautiful journey, which we retrace through the testimonies of our participants:

Ludovica F.

“Regarding the project, I am certainly happy to let you know that it was a wonderful experience, we had the opportunity to interact with young people of our age from different EU countries. We did various activities, all very interesting. We visited places, certainly different from Italy but equally beautiful. What I will remember most about this experience will be the harmony that was created with the group and the resulting friendships!”.


“A beautiful project, where friendship and the desire to learn came first. An experience that I would recommend everyone to take.”


“Personally, I am very happy to have had the opportunity to participate. The initial difficulties regarding the language did not hinder the construction of the beautiful bonds of friendship that were created between us members of the group, and I believe this was the main purpose of the experience. In addition to that, I really appreciated the city and the activities that were offered.”


“When I heard about Erasmus in Albacete for the first time I immediately applied and was accepted. It was a beautiful personal experience. I made lots of new acquaintances, practiced Spanish and English. The city is very clean, csupported by the green projects created by the municipality of Albacete. Excellent residence and polite staff. I recommend this experience to everyone.”


“The best part of the experience? Probably the fact of having toured the city by bicycle. It was an original and sustainable way to get to know Albacete, I found it really fun, even if a little tiring at times! They were really intense ten days, The first activities were really useful for “unlocking” us and starting to get to know each other. What I appreciated most is that, from the first moment and despite the fact that we all came from three different countries, we always looked for a way to understand each other and accommodate each other despite having different linguistic levels. We have definitely built a great family. I would recommend anyone to have an experience like this! Knowing and interacting with people from other parts of the world opens your mind: you discover other cultures, but you also discover a little more about yourself.”


“The experience in Albacete was very significant for me. The first few days I certainly felt scared by the many new things and I couldn’t settle in completely. But I’m happy to have fought these feelings of mine and to have put myself out there in situations so different from my normal everyday life. I was able to meet many people with whom I had significant exchanges, I saw some beautiful places and did a lot of interesting activities, thus enriching my cultural knowledge. If I would go back in time, I would do this trip again. I understood even more how important it is to have new experiences and leave your comfort zone to grow. I sincerely thank all the people who accompanied me on this beautiful adventure.”

Ludovica M.

“This experience was very constructive for me because in these 10 days, I had the opportunity to meet new people with whom I formed a very strong bond and new cultures. I recommend this experience because it helps you grow from any point of view.”


“The Erasmus + experience in Spain was incredible and full of emotions. I had the chance to meet beautiful people, new cultures, and above all improve my English. I hope to have the chance to take part in another project that I recommend to everyone.”


“I had some wonderful moments with the people I met, I tried to enjoy every second of this experience and I think I would do it again tomorrow if I could. I was certainly able to better understand people of other nationalities by being in direct contact for 10 days.”


“It was truly a wonderful experience, I’m very happy with how the project went. I met so many nice people, this experience helped me to expand my skills in speaking the English language and in-group cooperation. I would recommend everyone to try a similar experience at least once.”

The GREEN ALBACETE youth exchange financed under the Erasmus Plus program was organized by The Albacete City Council, Youth Center Eurodesk Albacete.

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