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A new life experience in the Czech Republic!

New testimonies arriving: this time we gave the floor to young people from the Bim Taloro territory and the Municipality of Monastir aged between 14 and 18 years old, who at the end of October spent a week full of training in the company of their peers coming from Spain, Romania and the Czech Republic.

This is the youth exchange 💪 “Yes You Can” financed by the European Erasmus+ program 🇪🇺 and coordinated by our international partner the Euroteam Czech Republic.

Greta Pinna Monastir: In this 8-day experience I learned a lot: from creating a business from scratch, to creating a business plan, passing through the SWOT rules, flyers for promoting the business, as well as a video for promoting it; how to be able to communicate with people from other countries and make myself understood by others and I learned to integrate a lot with other people. I think the last few days were the best especially because by now we had gained confidence and were able to talk to everyone. During this experience, I managed to put myself to the test and, in addition to work on the project. I had a lot of fun both in the activities with everyone and also in my free time with my peers, and the 2 group leaders who made everything more beautiful.…

Nicolò Mura Monastir: In this 8-day experience, I learned many things; from communicating in English with people from different countries to creating and advertising a business. I especially had a lot of fun playing, learning and explaining new games to the other kids. I really liked the long walk in nature until I reached the view of Poland with the possibility of taking beautiful photos also thanks to the presence of the sunset. The last two days we moved around the city where we had the chance to go out and see the city and the chance to go to the bar for a drink altogether. Also very nice was the ride in the city with two Spanish girls and it was interesting to be able to speak Spanish too. I’m happy I did it…

Fabrizio Bullita Monastir: I had a great time in this 8-day experience. I learned a lot about the cultures, traditions and food of other countries. I learned to work in a group, with other people who spoke a language different from mine, through the use of English. I had a lot of fun trying to learn new languages and relating to boys and girls from other countries. I will always remember when we went for a swim at night and all the times we played football during our free time. I hope to relive a similar experience and I strongly advise those who have never had it to experience it. Finally, I thank all the participants and group leaders who participated in the project and I hope to see you again.

Valentina Congiu Austis: This experience gave me the opportunity to learn a lot from people coming from other countries, from culture, to cuisine, up to their traditions, learning that each of these has characteristics that make it unique and particular. I also had the opportunity to improve my English by communicating with the other participants. In addition to various daytime activities, we also had free time that we spent socializing with each other so that we could get to know each other better; I think this is exactly the purpose of the trip, to bond with the other participants and create a group. It was a wonderful experience, for the guys I met there, but above all thanks to the group I left with and the group leaders.

Federico Muggittu Mamoiada: The trip to the Czech Republic was a type of experience I had never had before and I was very surprised by the organization of the project and the way in which it was possible to communicate with young people from other countries and work together creating projects companies thanks to the business plan. I also liked relating to others in other aspects such as sports, which united us even more than before. Then the cultural exchange between us and the others helped us to learn about new aspects of other nations. Finally, I thank the group leader who helped us with the difficulties and gave us sincere advice for all situations. Unforgettable trip…

Thomas Joanes Dalu Ollolai: In the 8 days of the project I was able to learn so many things including creating a business plan, SWOT analysis, creating methods to promote a business and the importance of teamwork. I also had the chance to interact with fantastic people from different countries and learn about their cultures and traditions but also introduce them to those from my part of the world. A wonderful experience where not only work and the ability to get involved were important but also one’s ability to socialize with the other participants and have fun. And absolutely an experience I would do again

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