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“My firm, my soul” a project held in the Czech Republic

In March 2022, 5 young people from BIM Taloro took part in the “My firm, my soul” project, funded by the Erasmus Plus program, held in Hrádek, in the Czech Republic, which had youth entrepreneurship as its theme.
In those days, our boys from 📍Ollolai, 📍Orgosolo, and 📍Tonara, participated in a youth exchange together with other young people from Bulgaria, Turkey, North Macedonia, and Spain.

To talk about the experience, we gave voice directly to the protagonists!

For Valentina: “It was a wonderful experience. Starting from the bond established among us Sardinians to the one that little by little was also created with the young people from the other states. Between the activities and the nights spent talking all together outside the rooms, we got to know each other and the different cultures, all very different as much as similar. As the days passed, our ability to speak different languages improved. It was a wonderful experience I will carry in my heart and want to do again!”

Nicole tells us, “It was the best experience of my life. I challenged myself, threw myself into it, and definitely improved my English…especially in public! I love discovering new cultures and getting to know them fully. In this project, I got to engage with other people, with often different ideas, but each was special. I made powerful bonds that I hope will last. It was all wonderful, and I can’t wait to go again, hopefully at least a thousand more times!”

Samuel tells it this way, “On this trip, where we participated in a project on ‘youth entrepreneurship,’ we learned how to make a business plan and fill out a resume. They explained how to open a business, its pros and cons, and how we could promote it. Most importantly, we practiced our English and got to know new people and their cultures, and… we had a great time!”

From Salvatore’s perspective:
In the Czech Republic, I got along quite well. In the beginning, I had some difficulties with English, but then, thanks to the help of my classmates, day by day, I improved a lot. I also learned to know and respect the different cultures I met there. It was a good experience, I will do it again, and maybe in places where I know I can find myself even better.”

Giorgia concludes:
“It was a different and wonderful experience, and I would definitely do it again many times in the future. It was surprising to discover other cultures that differentiate us in many factors, including food, traditional dances, and holidays. Nevertheless, it was also possible to find some similarities between our homes. Through it all, it was fun to exchange various views on unemployment and activity planning, and despite the differences and difficulties in language, we still managed to communicate.”

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