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Mindfulness in Gran Canaria

The year 2022 is off to a great start! On Tuesday 11 January Simone, a boy from Mamoiada, left for Gran Canaria, Spain, to participate in the “Water Gems” training course.

On January 17, he returned to Sardinia. Simone lived his experience with a group of participants from different European islands and did various activities related to the theme of embodiment.

⁉How was this experience? Let’s hear it directly from Simone!
💭”The project was completed after doing many static or dynamic activities, group or solo, rhythmic by sounds or guided by silence. I think it is very difficult to describe the experience in words, but I can say that it was one of my life’s most extravagant, useful, and incredible moments. Just the thought of having made such strong connections with people, in such a short time, makes me think about how embodiment is something that is necessary for everyday life, both professionally and humanly. I go home thinking about how much you need this kind of activity and how much it helps you on a personal level to understand yourself better and on a social level to understand others and connect to them in all respects.
This is an experience that I recommend and wish for everyone. Only by living it, you can understand what I am talking about, and for that, I thank the Malik Association for allowing me to participate and also all the organizers of “Water Gems.” Thank you for this extraordinary and unforgettable journey.”

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