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Developing the topic of “Women’s leadership” through Erasmus + Sport project in Serbia

From May 19 to 23, Federica, a girl from Tonara, participated in the third and final transnational meeting of the SHE LEADS project, financed by the Erasmus+ Sports program, which took place in Serbia.

The She Leads project, ✅approved by EACEA (Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) within the action dedicated to Sport of the Erasmus+ Programme, is coordinated by PLANINARSKI KLUB TARA (Serbia), in partnership with PLANINARSKI SAVEZ SRBIJE (Serbia) KOLESARSKO POHODNISKO DRUSTVO (Slovenia) and Malik E.T.S.

The main objective of the project is to promote gender equality between men and women through sport, while encouraging the activity of female environmental hiking guides.

Federica experienced these 5 days of transnational mobility in the company of other guides and aspiring guides from Italy, Slovenia, and Serbia. Our young women carried out activities related to women’s leadership, sharing problems and strengths with the other participants.

The main characteristics of female hiking guides, gender equality, promotion of the area, and lived experiences were discussed.

Let’s give the floor to Federica:
“In the collective imagination, Serbia is War, Destruction, and Gray, which I thought. But I discovered that, in reality, it is Peace, Rebirth, and Colors. Nature recovers, and so do the people; they build and design houses and initiatives to make their territory known. An intense and exciting experience with people filled with life in wonderful places.”

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