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After 10 months of ESC spent in Slovenia, I can say…

“After 10 months of ESC spent in Slovenia, I can say that this type of experience is very useful for us young people. During this period I learned to live with people of different cultures than mine, all of which “enriched” my culture as well. It taught me to adapt and relate much better with people, furthermore, I have been able to improve my level of English. From a working point of view, I received proposals from some graphic studios in the area, furthermore, this experience gave me the desire to restart university studies. I believe that this type of project should be done in this period of life because it allows you to open your mind more, see other realities and above all (if you want) they allow you to travel and visit new places.”

*Francesco spent 10 months as a volunteer funded by the European Solidarity Corps program at the Slovenian Association for Culture and Education PiNA

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