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10 months of volunteering in Cyprus

Benedetta, a girl who participated in a 10-month volunteering project with the PlanBe association in Nicosia, Cyprus, has returned to Sardinia. Starting from the 1st of September 2022, Benedetta, a girl from Oliena, participated in the ESC volunteer project “Rurbanians-Exploring rural and urban areas in Cyprus”.

During her experience, Benedetta collaborated with different associations and together with other European volunteers, she organized social, cultural, and ecological activities for the community.

What did this experience give her? 

Benedetta tells us:

“With this experience in Cyprus, I learned to value small things, and I learned what really matters in everyone’s life. I have met many people of many nationalities and cultures, which has opened my eyes and mind to new possibilities for the future. During these ten months, I learned two languages (Spanish and English), which are essential for many things, especially if you want to travel.

I will remember all the people of this experience who helped me and transformed me into the person I am today.”

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