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Young people from rural areas of Europe are getting prepared for the labor market:

20 November 2023
The “Mediterranean Eyes” European youth exchange took place between Barumini and Nuragus

From the 6th to the 13th of November 2023 in the Municipalities of Barumini and Nuragus 30 young Sardinians and Europeans (coming from Croatia, Greece, Malta, and Spain) participated in the “Mediterranean Eyes” youth exchange, organized and coordinated by the Malik E.T.S. association, financed by the European program Erasmus Plus and by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Department of Public Education, Cultural Heritage, Information, Entertainment, and Sport and co-financed by the Municipalities of Barumini and Nuragus.

Based on requests from young people, the Malik Association designed this Youth Exchange to raise awareness of job and training opportunities for young Europeans from remote areas such as areas with very low population density, islands, cross-border regions, and mountainous regions, located in the Mediterranean basin.

There was an organized meeting at the Barumini secondary school, where the young Erasmus participants and students had the opportunity to reflect on their knowledge, skills, and attitudes through non-formal activities, in which they used their creativity.

Our participants also created beautiful video interviews with Nuragus entrepreneurs under 40 years old, whose lifestyle choice of creating their own businesses in a rural area they appreciated.
We thank Giovanni from Atzori Tabacchi, Martina from Estetiche Martina, Fabio from Di Biasi Centro Massaggi, Lorenzo and Michele from the Vecchia Valenza pizzeria, Renato from the Pitzalis agricultural company for their availability and hospitality.

The meeting with Valentina Piras of Eurodesk Italy served to raise awareness of Eurodesk’s activities, its services, and in particular the Europass portal for creating CVs and cover letters. Young people learned more about the international mobility opportunities of the European Solidarity Corps and Volunteering in the humanitarian aid sector.

The participants also took part in workshops, teamwork, and theatrical activities aimed at raising awareness of the steps to follow to present a job application, drafting their CVs and motivation letters, and highlighted some situations that might happen due to simulations of job interviews.

The project was also an opportunity to introduce young foreigners to some of the most important and magical archaeological sites in Sardinia, such as the archaeological area of Su Nuraxi and Casa Zapata.

All activities were carried out following the principles and methodologies of non-formal education. We’ve talked on European programs dedicated to young people and how to participate in them and the multicultural evening, an event characterized by music, dance, and typical dishes of the nations involved.

At the end of the project, all participants received a Youthpass certificate, which describes the skills acquired during the project.

The success of the project was also possible thanks to those who contributed to carrying out the local activities (Barumini Foundation, Barumini Secondary School, Eurodesk Italy) and to foreign partners (Prisms – Malta, GYM – Greece, Asociation Teatral El Luga – Spain, Proni Social Center – Croatia)

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