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Volunteer for a month in Portugal: “Take care of your home: body and earth”. II edition

Between tears of happiness and a whirlwind of emotions, the “Take care your home: body and earth” individual volunteering project held in Portugal, Barcelos came to an end.

A girl from Villasalto, together with other young people from various European countries, took part in both group and individual activities on the topics of mental health and well-being. Furthermore, they have collaborated with the municipalities of Barcelos and Esposende to devise new ways of reusing clothes, shoes, and other materials!

For one month, our volunteer Martina, from Villasalto, had a ‘memorable experience that she would recommend to all her peers.

It is not just us saying this, it is Martina who tells us about it:

“I decided to take part in this project because I needed to take a little break from everyday life and leave my comfort zone by starting on my own, not knowing how to speak English despite being able to understand most things.

It was definitely different from how I imagined it but in a positive way. While being with older people, for example, I realized how nice it is to make someone smile even with a small gesture, and living at home with eight other people, I learned to share spaces, food, and my things.

It was my best experience so far, and I think I will participate in other projects.

The Malik Association workers helped me so much by answering all my questions before I left. Even during my stay, they contacted me to find out how it was going, and that was crucial for me.”

“I recommend everyone to go because it is an experience that opens your mind and heart.”

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