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Just Started: Home for a month in Portugal

Today we’ll talk about the short-term volunteering experience in Portugal that a girl from the Union of Gerrei Municipalities is experiencing!

Martina talks about it:

“I have been in Barcelos for two weeks now, but time has passed so quickly that I feel like three days have flown! The first few days were a bit difficult because I found myself in a house with eight other guys who only spoke English and so I was on my own for a while, but gradually we all got to know each other better, and now we are like brothers. During our free time, we usually go out and discover new cities, while when we work, we go to keep the company at the residence centers for older people, clean the beach from the rubbish brought in by the sea current, and play with the children.

Sometimes we also do different other activities, such as cycling along the river, kayaking, and planting trees.

Every day is an adventure! “

We are very happy about Martina’s experience and hope many other young people will follow her example.

Don’t be afraid, ask, get informed, and take advantage of these fantastic opportunities!

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