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Belgium, a unique and unforgettable experience

From August 8th to 18th, six young Sardinians, including 3 from Sant’Andrea Frius, participated in the youth exchange “yourself,” in Brussels and the Ardennes, Belgium.

Together with young people from Belgium and Spain experienced a few days in complete connection with nature and experimented with various sports to practice outdoors, intending to learn about other personal aptitudes and cultivate new passions.

🗣️ Here’s what our participants tell us:

Laura (Sant’Andrea Frius): “My experience in Belgium was incredible. I had the opportunity to compare myself with boys and girls from other nations and cultures, discovering what unites and differentiates each of us. This adventure taught me different values and made me meet people I will carry in my heart forever.”

Beatrice (Sant’Andrea Frius): “The youth exchange “YEUrself” was a unique and unforgettable experience that I will always carry in my heart. I met new people of different nationalities and cultures, improved my English, and learned new things. It was my first Erasmus+ project, but it definitely won’t be my last. “

Davide (Sant’Andrea Frius): “I would define the experience in Belgium as an amazing roller coaster of emotions, characterized by laughter, new and special friendships, and a lot of desire to overlook realities different from the one we are used to, an adventure that gives indelible memories and enriches those who face it.”

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