Associazione Malik

Advanced Programming Visit in Croatia

5 June 2023

Last weekend the operators of the Malik Association have been in Croatia 🇭🇷 to participate in the Advanced Programming Visit of the project”ABC to volunteering” – a youth exchange financed by the Erasmus Plus program.

The ✈️destination was a small village next to the sea, 📍Pirovac, which in the first nine days of July 2023 ⚠️will host 20 young people aged between 15 and 25 years old, coming from 🔝Sardinia, Serbia, Croatia, Portugal, and Latvia.

During the preliminary visit, various aspects related to the activities, the profile of the participants to be selected, the rules of behavior to be followed for a fruitful collaboration and cooperation, the organization of travel, and much more were discussed, in order to ensure a pleasant stay of participants during the project.

We consider it important to let you know that behind the scenes of a similar project there are months of planning, collaboration and work to collect beautiful results at the end, which we promptly share on our social networks with you!

There is teamwork that we carry out with European partners, by creating synergy and a long-lasting network – as Europe wishes through its programs.

We thank the Croatian association PRONI Social Education Center for its hospitality and professionalism, as well as for the opportunity to be a partner in this project.

Project partners: PRONI Social Education Center – Croatia, Malik Association – Italy; Pro-Atlantic – Portugal; Link to Community Development Center – Serbia and Youth – Latvia.

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