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Training course on non-formal education in Cyprus

Anna, Michela, and Michela spent one week in Perivolia, Cyprus while participating in a training course related to non-formal education, funded by the Erasmus+ program. Together with other youth workers from various European countries, they addressed this issue through non-formal activities such as workshops, debates, and role-playing games.

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How was the experience?

Here is what the girls say about it:

Anna: “However brief, this experience profoundly changed me; it was sensational, it formed me in all aspects, I could practice all the languages, and I loved the connection created among the group, despite the differences in age, language, culture, and traditions. I wholeheartedly recommend you all to try it; it will be very useful for your life!”

Michela: “It was my first Erasmus Plus experience, and it opened up a world for me. It was wonderful, and I will always remember it! I think everyone should try it at least once in their life… For those who, like me, have always lived in a small town, this experience not only teaches you another language but also allows you to deal with so many people from all different nations simultaneously. It helps you make new connections, learn information differently than you are used to, and stimulates you to change in many ways. Those like us who live in these small realities really need it.”

Michela: “It was definitely an experience that enriched me so much from a human point of view but also in terms of personal growth: I reconsidered so many perspectives and priorities that I felt were my own, and it helped me reflect on what I would like to do in the future. Certainly, the other participants inspired me; they motivated and stimulated me to get involved and engage myself, even at the local level. I realized how much our small communities need new ideas and new strategies that involve young people personally.”

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