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Slovenia, two months of ESC volunteering for youth and animals

On October 3rd two girls from the Unione Comuni Gerrei left for 📍Begunje na Gorenjskem in Slovenia.
There, Elisabetta (from Armungia) and Martina (from San Basilio) participated in a group volunteer project. They helped inside animal shelters, implemented solidarity activities with other associations, and supported workshop activities for local youth.

How was the experience of two months? 

Elisabetta telks about it:

“One of the main reasons I left was to improve my spoken English. However, I am a rather shy and reflective person, and I am often afraid of making mistakes: it took me some time to accept that to speak any language better, I would have to step out of my comfort zone, and start various conversations with all the people I met around, improving my English and motivating myself to keep practicing.

During these two months, we did many activities, and there was a constant cultural exchange. The biggest differences I found were between people because everyone had different personalities, habits, and backgrounds but always the same values.

This experience broadened my perspective, bringing me into contact with life lessons that I would not have been able to learn staying home. The multicultural environment taught me to think outside the box and expose myself to different ideas and points of view. I discovered my patience and personal space.

Another reason why I left was that I needed a break, and the practical and craft activities helped me a lot. I also enjoyed caring for others in different ways, such as cooking for everyone. Living with other people had been a challenge because I have always separated my personal space at home and my social space when I go out with my friends: the opposite situation led me to go out and establish relationships with other volunteers and strangers.”

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