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Taking care of the earth: a month of Volunteering in Portugal. I edition

Claudio, Nicolas, and Raffaela are back in Sardinia. These young guys participated in a 1-month volunteer project in Apúlia, Portugal, together with their peers from Portugal, France, Spain, Greece, Poland, and Cyprus. Volunteers took part in both group and individual activities on mental health and wellbeing 🧘‍♂️. Plus, they helped to clean up beaches and invented new ways to reuse clothes, shoes, and other materials ♻️.

What was the experience like? 

Raffaela tells us about it:

“My experience in Portugal was a continuous discovery in all aspects and far exceeded my expectations. Beyond the beautiful landscapes of Portugal, I will always carry in my heart the people I met and the things I learned in the various activities, from taking care of the environment to taking care of ourselves and taking time to listen to each other. Even though the experience lasted only a month, I think I grew a lot on a human level. Living in close contact with 14 people from different nationalities is not easy, but it is part of growing up; I learned something from each of them. I hope to participate in more projects like this because I enjoyed every moment and would do it again 100 times.”

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