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7 days for youth exchange in Turin

At the beginning of the year 2024, two young people from the BIM Taloro area left for an Erasmus Plus international exchange experience in Turin, organized by the Giosef Torino association.

During the seven days spent in the company of their peers from Spain, France, Portugal, Romania, and Italy, they experienced and learned a lot, made new friends, and had some carefree moments.

We leave the floor to the kids who tell us their impressions:

👱‍♀️Rita: “It was my first Erasmus+ project. In the beginning, I encountered some difficulties as I didn’t speak English well, but I always received the help I needed. The topics were exciting, I learned a lot about the importance of inclusiveness.

I advise young people to have this experience because meeting people of different nationalities can encourage them to see and accept different points of view and improve their ability to relate.”

👨‍🦰Pietro “Let’s start from the fact that I felt skeptical, not due to contrary ideas or anything else, but I simply didn’t have all this excitement in wanting to leave, but I was already on a plane so I couldn’t have stopped.

From the first day, I found myself very well with a group of very nice guys open to joking dialogues.

The days were full of very interesting and educational activities, varied and different each day, so much so that I thought I had never done anything like it before. For example, one day we focused more on intersectionality, while another day on the issue of gender identity.

Honestly, the topic I was most struck by was intersectionality and I was truly amazed at how much he could manage to highlight the realities within everyone that intersect like weaving threads.

Many of the activities there allowed me to interact with truly fantastic people, regarding topics that are increasingly felt to be important and this led me to grow as a person. And now that it’s all over, I can’t wait to do another exchange so I can feel recharged again.”

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